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Veith Selk is a political scientist and social scientist who specializes in political theory and intellectual history. His areas of expertise include the history of political thought, populism, democracy, political ecology, and social conflicts.

In addition to his academic activity, he is involved in civic education and citizen science.

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Veith Selk - political scientist and social scientist

Suhrkamp Verlag Veith Selk Demokratiedämmerung

New Book Release: "Demokratiedämmerung"
(October 2023)

»Maybe a good idea in theory, but unfortunately not in practice«

What was once said about communism now applies to democracy - it appears increasingly untrustworthy. In his analytically sharp book, Veith Selk shows why both democratic politics and the democratic theories that accompany it are failing in the face of reality. Two theses are pursued: The decline of democracy is not due to regression but the result of social evolution. The end of democracy thus heralded also leads to the decline of democratic theory, which becomes anachronistic as a scientific discipline. (Text: Suhrkamp)